18 October 2015

Afternoon breakaway

Friday afternoon, weather is great, there is a new geocache hidden, not too far, got to get it
Hidden on a gravel road, it was ideal to take the motorbike
Crossing the Swart river, this low water bridge is often covered with water, not today

 The Overberg region is fantastic for dual purpose biking, gravel highways so to say

According to the GPS, this is the GZ (ground zero)

After a quick find, it’s time to appreciate the view

Stopping at the Botriver hotel, time for a nice cold beer

A quick visit to a local water mill, and back home, a short but rewarding breakaway

09 August 2015

Yamha XT660Z Tenere

So, it was not too long without a bike
Once a biker, always a biker, I presume

The Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, a nippy 660 with more than enough power, great suspension and handling that I like

I'm sure there will be a lot of memories from here on in the making

11 July 2015

Bike sold

Sold the trusted Kawasaki KLR 650
Time to venture for a new motorbike soon
The days of extreme riding are over, been there, done that
The bigger 1200 class bike seems to be the next chapter
Time will tell
New owner taking delivery - happy travelling to you