09 August 2015

Yamha XT660Z Tenere

So, it was not too long without a bike
Once a biker, always a biker, I presume

The Yamaha XT660Z Tenere, a nippy 660 with more than enough power, great suspension and handling that I like

I'm sure there will be a lot of memories from here on in the making

11 July 2015

Bike sold

Sold the trusted Kawasaki KLR 650
Time to venture for a new motorbike soon
The days of extreme riding are over, been there, done that
The bigger 1200 class bike seems to be the next chapter
Time will tell
New owner taking delivery - happy travelling to you

03 May 2015

Quick Overberg outride

Stunning morning and a quick outride through the Overberg region, Western Cape

Somewhere on the Highlands

Highlands road

Autumn upon us

Old Elgin sation building, revamped to good use again

End of the road, Nuweberg dam

The purpose of the ride

09 August 2013

Geocache find, Overberg

There was a FTF (first to find) Geocache to be found
So I decided to go and grab the opportunity and do a quick trip with the bike, as a bonus

Crossing the Klein river, just before Stanford, it's quite a lot of water flowing after the rains the past few days

Then a quick find of the cache, indeed, the first to find

Saw some canola fields in the distance, time to go and explore and find them

The Overberg is green after the much needed rain the past few weeks

Gravel travel, that's why I'm out here

Our local reservoir is 100 % full, De Bos dam, overflowing

13 April 2013

Cederberg Outride

Packed and ready for another weekend adventure
Planning to go through Cederberg, Eselbank, Wupperthal destination, Biedouw valley

Joined by another biker for the trip

Rather boring trip till we hit the gravel, but a crisp morning with some fog patches greets us on the way

Time for breakfast

That is what we came for, crossing from tar to dirt, deflating the tyres

First destination, Cederberg Oasis

After a quick lunch and a cold one, it's off again onto our destination

Crossing the river at Eselbank

Ice cold mountain pool at Eselbank waterfall

4x4 Recommended, well the KLR performed like a 4x4

Wupperthal Moravian Church

No fuel, too late, restricted times, but no problem, plenty of fuel left

Leaving Wupperthal, destination, Biedouw valley


Time to set up camp, and have a good night's rest

Sunset after a nice day's ride

Rise and shine, crisp morning with early fog over the mountains

Leaving the Biedouw valley

Englishman's grave, onto Pakhuis pass

What the last fire through the region left, beautiful in it's own way

Clanwilliam Jail, 1808

"Road food", a quick lunch and on the road again

Middelberg pass

Almost home, another great trip with great friends

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~